Yamaha XT 600 3TB

180,00  / Day
  • 1994
  • 595
  • 2
  • 880
  • 155
  • 45,0

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Tour guide/Day
180,00  / Day(s)
Tour guide/Hour
50,00  / Hour(s)
Passenger helmet
25,00  / Day(s)
5,00  / Day(s)
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The Yamaha XT 600 3TB, 1990s version, is a rugged and reliable enduro bike, with a 595cc single-cylinder engine that offers a good combination of power and handling for everyday use and off-road adventures. This model stands out for its mechanical simplicity and ability to tackle a wide range of terrain, making it popular among touring and enduro bike enthusiasts.

The price includes: 1 driver helmet, anti-theft lock, liability insurance. In addition to the liability insurance policy, it is possible to add fire and theft and Kasco insurance at a cost of €10 daily each.

The cost per km is €0.25 (e.g. 100 km = €25).

Driver’s licence category: A (moto)

Min. age for driver: 21


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