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Start your engines and toast to adventure with our guided motorbike tour along the legendary Strada del Prosecco! Discover dream landscapes, taste the best prosecco directly from the local cellars and let yourself be enveloped by the pure essence of freedom. A unique experience that combines passion for two wheels and love for good wine. It’s not just a journey, it’s a toast to life!

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Get ready to live the definitive experience that combines the pleasure of driving on two wheels with the exclusivity of a tasting of fine wines, through our exclusive Motorcycle Tour on the Prosecco Road. This adventure is designed for those who aspire to discover beyond the conventional, sailing among breathtaking views and lush vineyards that adorn the famous wine route, guided by the roar of the motorbike and the inviting taste of prosecco.

From the first light up to the last sip of wine, every aspect of the tour is designed to provide an unparalleled experience. Cross enchanted hills and secret valleys, exploring the soul of the Italian wine tradition, where each cellar tells a story of passion, dedication and innovation. Stops at selected local wineries are the perfect opportunity to taste the best quality prosecco, directly from the source, combined with gastronomic delights that enhance its taste and aromas.

This tour is a tribute to freedom, adventure and sophistication. It represents a unique opportunity to completely immerse yourself in the culture of the area, admiring its beauty, culinary art and, of course, wine excellence. Let yourself be involved in the magic of this unique itinerary, where every turn reveals new surprises and each stop is a celebration of life.

Take the opportunity to elevate your adventure: book your place now for the Motorcycle Tour on the Prosecco Road and prepare to live an unforgettable experience, where the passion for motorbikes and the love for good wine come together in a perfect balance. It’s more than a journey; it’s a real toast to life, an experience that will leave an indelible mark on your heart and mind.

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1 Day.


1 or 2 seats depending on your driving skills.
A 50% discount will be applied to the passenger.

Difficulty level

Easy, asphalted roads open to traffic.

Bike type

Choose your poison, all types of motorbikes are accepted.

What's included

Guide in Italian/English, support along the route, GPX track on request, prosecco tasting, fixed menu lunch in a typical restaurant


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