Immerse yourself in an unforgettable off-road adventure that starts from the idyllic village of Arquà Petrarca, cradle of poetry and history, and winds through less traveled paths and breathtaking landscapes until reaching the wild beauty of Rosolina. This motorbike tour is a triumph of nature, adrenaline and discoveries, culminating in a moment of pure conviviality: an exclusive aperitif at Gattaccio, where local flavors and friendship celebrate your adventure. Get ready to experience a moment like a true explorer, between the thrill of off-road driving and the pleasure of authentic tastes. It’s not just a tour, it’s an experience that will remain etched in your heart!

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Embark on an unprecedented exploration that begins in the picturesque village of Arquà Petrarca, a jewel immersed in history and poetry, and takes you through an adventurous itinerary between asphalted roads and off-road paths, until you reach the natural wonder of Rosolina. This motorbike tour is the very essence of adventure, a route that intertwines the majesty of nature with the thrill of discovery, offering emotions at every bend and in every stretch of dirt road you travel.

As the sun slides towards the horizon, the landscapes transform into a living canvas, with the colors of the sunset lighting up the sky and the earth with unforgettable shades. This journey is not just a test of skill and endurance; it is an invitation to reconnect with nature, to feel the pulsation of the earth under the wheels and to discover corners of the world still uncontaminated by the frenzy of modern life.

The culmination of this adventure arrives at dusk, when Rosolina reveals itself in all its wild and welcoming splendor at the same time. Here, in an environment that has the flavor of authenticity and tradition, a unique moment of conviviality awaits you: an exclusive aperitif at the Gattaccio. In this break, you will be welcomed by genuine local flavors and an atmosphere of friendship and sharing, in which travel stories and laughter intertwine, celebrating the experience lived together.

This tour is not simply a motorbike ride; it is a celebration of exploration and life itself, an experience that forges lasting memories in the hearts of every participant. From the historical charm of Arquà Petrarca to the raw beauty of Rosolina, every moment is an invitation to live fully, between the adrenaline of driving and the pleasure of discovering the authentic flavors of the area. Get ready for a journey that exceeds all expectations, an adventure waiting to be experienced.

Additional information


4 hours


1 or 2 seats depending on your driving skills.

Difficult level

Intermediate, the route includes beaten dirt roads.

Bike type

Dual Sport, Maxi Enduro, Scrambler.
With tires suitable for off-road routes 30%.

What's included

Guide in Italian/English, support along the route, GPX track on request, aperitif on arrival


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